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One Week Custom Tiled Shower

Renovate your outdated bathtub with a fully tiled, custom walk-in shower in just five days


Real tile

Uncompromising quality, using only the best materials to add real value

Coradi Contracting, a trusted Class A certified contractor, transforms your unsightly bathtub into a breathtaking, custom tiled shower in just five days. Our renovation service combines quality, functionality, style, and value. Unlike other remodels, we never compromise on shortcuts, ensuring exceptional results. With a track record dating back to 2009, we consistently deliver excellent renovations that stand the test of time.


Real value

Schluter System

Showers built the right way. We use the Schluter Shower System which is an innovative, watertight solution for durable and attractive tiled showers

Delta Fixtures

The one week custom walk-in shower elevates your bathroom remodel with an added touch of value by selecting Delta, a trusted premium brand, for all of our fixtures.

Return on Investment

Invest in a positive ROI with our premium materials, featuring real porcelain or ceramic tiles for a timeless, low-maintenance, and beautifully built bathroom.


Choose Your Tile

Choose from our selections of real porcelain or ceramic tiles, and explore variations to customize and mix-and-match designs for your needs.

1. Carrara

Wall Tile : Carrara 12x24

Shower Floor Options:

1x3 carrara herringbone

2x2 carrara straight

2. Stone Gray

Wall Tile : stone gray 12x24

Shower Floor Options:

1x3 Stone Gray Herringbone

2x2 stone gray straight

3. Sandstone

Wall Tile : sandstone 12x24

Shower Floor Options:

1x3 Sandstone herringbone

2x2 Sandstone Straight

4. Subway

Wall Tile : Subway 4x16

Shower Floor Options:

1" White hex with black

2" White hex

Choose Your plumbing fixtures

Choose from our selections of delta products, and explore variations to customize your needs.

1. Trinsic

fixture : Delta Trinsic Collection



Matte Black

2. Ashlyn

Fixture : Delta Ashlyn Collection



Matte Black

3. In2ition

Fixture : Delta In2ition



Matte Black

Looking to take your remodel a step further? Premium Upgrades are available

If your plumbing, fixtures, features, or shower door is outdated or don’t meet your needs, we’ll help you choose upgraded options to complete the picture.

Let the renovation begin

Relax and let us do the work while we transform your bathroom in just five days

Our team understands the importance of your home, family, and time. That’s why we are committed to delivering your bathroom renovation on schedule and to a higher standard than other contractors. Rest easy knowing that we take pride in delivering a space you’ll love, and we’ll do it in just five days!

Give us a call today to start your remodel!

The Schluter System Lifetime Leakproof Guarantee is the Ultimate Peace of Mind

We use the Schluter Shower System for all of our bathroom remodels to ensure that your new space is everything you want it to be. This family of integrated products guarantees correct drainage and a lifetime leak-proof guarantee, eliminating the potential for mold growth, leakage, and efflorescence. Our crew has extensive experience installing the Schluter Shower System, and we stand behind every remodel we do. By utilizing the Schluter system, you can have extra peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected and that your family will enjoy a long-lasting, high-quality walk-in shower.


Real Tile for a Lasting Finish

Porcelain and ceramic tile are the top choices for quality bathroom renovations. Their durability and timeless look mean your bathroom is easy to maintain and never looks dated. Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, or sleek and modern, our team will help you choose the perfect tile to match your preferences.

Real Tile for a Lasting Finish

Take your bathroom to the next level with our premium selection of features and finishes

Take your bathroom to the next level with our premium selection of features and finishes

We understand that choosing a turnkey bathroom remodeling solution doesn’t mean you have to compromise on upgraded fixtures. So, if your plumbing, fixtures, features, or shower door are outdated or simply not meeting your needs, rest assured that we’re here to assist you in selecting upgraded options to complete the perfect picture. Additionally, when it comes to upgrading your shower, we offer a range of choices, including the installation of stylish niches that add both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


If you’re looking for a bathroom remodel, let our proven process guide you to the bathroom you will LOVE.

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