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Unsightly and outdated designs. Poor use of space and accessibility. Leaks and mold. These are the hallmarks of a bathroom that cries out for a remodel every time you step into it.

Just because you know your home needs an update doesn’t mean it’s easy to pull the trigger. Remodeling your bathroom can be a confusing, disruptive, and overwhelming process. We try to limit any issues and to renovate with full peace of mind. Our core values are key to the process and why we are one of the best bathroom remodeling contractors in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, Virginia areas:

Bathroom Renovation Before and After
Before Bathroom Remodel


Respecting your time by keeping you informed, so you can live your life while we work


Daily progress, a well-planned schedule, and fully staffed crews of committed craftsmen


Work done cleanly through organization and investing in the best equipment to protect your home

Bathroom Renovation Before and After
Before Bathroom Remodel

Our operations staff, sales managers, and skilled crews uphold these values and work in unison ensuring that your bathroom remodel is easy on you and your home, with results that exceed your expectations. From floor to fixtures, you will have exactly the bathroom you want, done right the first time.

Our bathroom remodel process is simple

Free consultation with our Team

Having remodeled over 100+ bathrooms in Virginia Beach, our experts have seen it all. We will come to your project with a deep understanding of how to work with your budget, develop a manageable timeline, and ensure you get your ideal bathroom.

Ease your design process

Our knowledgeable design experts will help you choose the correct tile, plumbing and lighting fixtures, tubs and cabinetry. Each piece will come together to create a functional and beautiful bathroom.

Get ready for the wow factor

We respect your home, family, and time while we build your bathroom, on schedule and to a higher standard than other contractors. Relax knowing our team takes pride in giving you a space you will LOVE.

Our Guaranteed Products and Partnerships keep you on track

The Schluter Shower System

The Schluter Shower System

All of our remodels use the Schluter Shower System for the best guarantee that complicated work doesn’t lead to complicated drainage or leaks. Our crew has extensive experience when it comes to installing the Schluter Shower System, a family of integrated products that guarantee correct drainage and a Lifetime Leak-Proof Guarantee for your bathroom remodel. The Schluter System also eliminates potential mold growth, leakage, and efflorescence, for a long-lasting, high-quality shower. Utilizing the Schluter system will provide extra peace of mind for you, your family, and your investment!

Mosaic Home Interiors Partnership

Mosaic Coradi Partnership

Mosaic Home Interiors Partnership

Our initial consultation brings your project details into our pipeline, which we then share with your designated Mosaic designer who understands the design and construction process and will work with you to create a space you will love. Your Our design partners will walk you through the selection process and will help choose materials and fixtures that fit your project constraints. Mosaic will then create a custom order shipped directly to your home. Our team will do the rest, ensuring that you’re getting the best without any hassle. Relax knowing that our partnership with Mosaic will make designing your bathroom an enjoyable process.

"Coradi Contracting continues to execute at the highest level in every step of the remodeling process. As a supplier that interacts with his team and his clients, we see the cornerstones of his company executed everyday in all of his business practices. There is no better Remodeler out there when it comes to providing the client with a thorough collaborative approach through the entire process. A job with Coradi Contracting is not a job, it is an investment in your tomorrow."

Bob Beran, Mosaic Branch Sales Manager

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If you’re looking for a bathroom remodel in Virginia Beach, let our proven process guide you to the bathroom you will LOVE.

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